Not Another Boring List of SEO Strategies for Lawyers!

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is critical for getting seen on Google and attracting leads to your law firm. According to Junto, 81% of people will do online research prior to making a large purchase, and 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine. Marketers are catching on and emphasizing a strong SEO strategy in their promotional efforts. According to Impact BND, 61% of marketers report that growing their organic presence and boosting their SEO efforts are their top inbound marketing priorities.

Here Are the 5 Best SEO Strategies for Attorneys:

1) Build a Good Website

Great Search Engine Optimization starts at the website. In terms of law firm SEO tips, one of the most important tactics is to build a website that users can navigate with ease. That means it is both desktop and mobile-optimized, it is simple to find the menus and subpages, it’s easy to read, the images are not too big, it loads fast and there isn’t any extra coding on the backend. URLs should be properly structured, descriptive and include relevant SEO keywords; for example, your law firm services page URL should read instead of

When you’re designing your website, put yourself in your user’s shoes. If you had no familiarity whatsoever with your law firm, could you learn what you’re all about and what services you offer within a few seconds of visiting your site? Most people will leave a site less than 15 seconds after they arrive if the site isn’t what they are looking for. Including clear language about what you do and providing an excellent user experience are going to encourage visitors to stay longer, engage and possibly reach out to you for your services.

2) Implement a Long Term SEO Strategy

SEO doesn’t involve one simple tactic in order to rank high. There is no exact calculation or the right mix of law firm SEO tips that is 100% guaranteed to work. After all, Google is constantly changing its search engine algorithm to keep businesses and marketers from banking on one tactic. Landing that coveted first page position takes time and energy, solid research and a dedication to keep learning about the algorithm.

The primary tenants of search engine optimization strategies for lawyers are actually pretty simple. Here are five ways you can get started with SEO for your law firm and begin to see your rankings increase.

3) Develop Great Content That Users Will Value

60% of marketers are putting out at least one piece of content every single day. Why? It’s crucial when it comes to building an SEO strategy for a law firm to connect with your audience. When you have high quality content on your website that is relevant to your audience, you’re likely to rank higher on Google and get leads interested in hiring your law firm. Starting a blog and updating it frequently with posts that your audience is going to be interested in are critical to your success with SEO.

You’ll need to provide valuable content that relates to what your law firm does and what your audience is seeking out. For instance, if you have a personal injury law firm, you’d want to create posts like, “How Do I Sue for a Personal Injury?” and “What Qualifies As a Personal Injury Claim?” To research what kinds of posts will likely strike a chord, go to Google and search for the topics you want to write about, look at related searches and put your search terms into Answer the Public. Coming up with an editorial calendar is also important so you can plan out when you’re going to post your blogs.

4) Use the Right Keywords

Along with structuring your site properly and creating content for it, you’re going to need to conduct keyword research to figure out what keywords to use on your webpages and in your posts. Some basic keyword strategies including using keywords naturally, placing them in H2s on your blog and putting them in your menus. To do free keyword research, start with Moz Keyword Explorer and WordStream.

5) Have a Link Building Plan

Link building is another hugely important tactic for improving your law firm’s SEO. The goal is to have other authoritative sites link to yours so that Google knows your site is credible. If you pay for backlinks, or get ones from low quality sites, Google may penalize you and rank you lower. There are no shortcuts when it comes to link building for your law firm.

To achieve high value backlinks, offer to write guest posts for credible websites within your niche. This may include legal websites or the websites of local publications where you are trying to find local customers. You can also get backlinks by writing online testimonials for other people, listing your law firm website on online directories and commenting on relevant content, like a legal site’s blog posts. If you are creating high quality content, you’ll need to promote it through your email list and your social media pages in order for it to get seen. By making your content more visible, you’ll have a higher chance of organically reaching the people that will want to backlink to you.

Finding a Lawyer SEO Expert

At your law firm, you’re focusing on serving your clients and making sure they get the judgments and compensation they deserve. You don’t have time on a daily basis to stay on top of the latest lawyer SEO strategies and build up your online presence. That’s why it’s critical to hire a law firm SEO expert instead of trying to do it all yourself. By finding the right SEO company that focuses on working with attorneys, you’ll know that your site is performing at its best, bringing in the right leads and boosting your bottom line, all at the same time. Everest Legal Marketing is a law firm marketing agency that helps attorneys with website design, content & blogging, link building and legal profile management. Contact us today to request a free SEO analysis or to schedule some time to discuss your SEO strategy.

About The Author

Doug Bradley
I work with law firms to increase their presence on search engines through website optimization. Marketing a law firm hasn’t been “like it used to be” for a while now and the only guarantee is that it will continue to change. Learn more about my experience here.


  • Jeff Goldstein on October 17, 2019

    I was wondering if it makes more sense to hire a consultant that works say 20-30 hours a month off site for a set fee or is it better to hire a full time employee to handle all of the digital marketing.

    –Jeff Goldstein

    • Doug Bradley on October 22, 2019

      Hey Jeff, That’s the $10,000 question! If you have $50 – $60k to hire an experienced digital marketing employee, that would be the absolute best route to take. Much less than that and you may not get a quality employee because if they’re good at what they do they could earn that much or more nearly anywhere else. If you’re looking for someone who’s specifically experienced in implementing SEO strategies for lawyers, your list of potential employees shrinks even further. Then add on workers’ comp insurance, retirement contributions, payroll taxes, liability, etc. and you’re now well over the rate of pay. Call me and let’s discuss the pros and cons.

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