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Reddit Best Lawyer Badge

Reddit Now Offering “Best Lawyer” Badge

By Doug Bradley |

This morning, Reddit announced that they are entering the legal marketing vertical, and offering lawyers a new downloadable badge to help show their website visitors their expertise in the legal field. This first-of-its-kind Reddit award aims to redefine how legal expertise is recognized and showcased across Reddit. The “Reddit Best Lawyer” badge is a… Read More »

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Organic Erosion slide

Google Organic Traffic Erosion

By Doug Bradley |

Over the past year, we have seen a fair number of our clients, non-clients, and other business owners and SEO professionals reporting a noticeable decline in organic traffic specifically from Google. The thing is, nothing has really changed on their end. They still have great website visibility, websites, and content. They aren’t losing their… Read More »

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Google Maps Hours Impact on Visibility

Business Hours in Google Maps Now Significantly Impacts Visibility

By Doug Bradley |

Yesterday a new glitch / “feature” regarding business hours on Google Business Profiles (Maps) was revealed on a Webinar. This new… eh… “feature” **cough** has a dramatic impact on the way your Map Listing / Profile appears in the Google Map section of search results (and Google Maps app), thus impacting local visibility and… Read More »

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SEO blueprint

Fundamentals of Creating an SEO Strategy

By Doug Bradley |

You already know that SEO is important. You’ve been told plenty of times. What you might not know is that over 50% of all total website traffic comes from organic search, and that SEO drives ten times more traffic than organic social media. Current estimates suggest that roughly 1.2 trillion searches are made on… Read More »

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tool box

7 Best Tools for Law Firm Digital Marketing

By Doug Bradley |

I am not a fan of gatekeeping. While there are plenty of marketing professionals out there who would prefer to keep their secrets, well, secret, I like to put it all out in the open. I do this for a few reasons. Firstly, it feels more trustworthy. If I spend time telling you how… Read More »

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SEMRush vs SE Ranking

Why I Left SEMRush for SE Ranking

By Doug Bradley |

*Updated 3/25/24 I’ll be honest: I really like SEMRush. As someone in the digital marketing world, I know exactly how much value this one-stop-shop, all-things-SEO platform brings to a marketing team. And while some tools like Ahrefs might offer an alternative, for a long time, nothing has really come close to the value that… Read More »

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Google Business Profile

Setting Up a Google Business Profile

By Doug Bradley |

Alright, so here’s the thing: I know that most digital marketing you think about is sexy. Sleek websites, captivating social media posts, awe-inspiring branding – there’s a certain appeal that comes with new photos, videos, art or masterfully written content. It just feels good. So we end up wanting to chase that high whenever… Read More »

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robot human hand

Using ChatGPT in Your Law Firm’s Website

By Doug Bradley |

If you’ve had a chance to look up from document review or discovery in the last year or so, you might’ve heard about a little thing called ChatGPT. Now, here’s the thing: I’ve been purposefully avoiding writing about this and other AI tools because of how nuanced the conversation should and needs to be…. Read More »

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Martindale Avvo

Is Martindale-Avvo Advertising Worth It?

By Doug Bradley |

As a legal marketing agency owner, I get questions all the time from clients about paid advertising on the Martindale-Avvo network of websites. I recently received an Email and thought I’d take a look at their platforms from a traffic perspective. Full disclosure, I was an employee at Martindale-Hubbell under Lexis-Nexis ownership 2010-2013. In… Read More »

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Google search bar

Why Your Website Isn’t on Page 1 of Google

By Doug Bradley |

There are many factors that can prevent a law firm’s website from ranking organically on page 1 of Google. Below are some of the most common things we see at Everest Legal Marketing that prevents an attorney’s website from high visibility. There are numerous factors that could impact a website’s visibility, so this should… Read More »

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