Holiday Content Marketing Guide for Lawyers

With the 2021 holidays coming up, it’s time to start thinking about your law firm’s marketing strategy. This time of year is an opportunity to attract new clients and ensure you’re providing the most value possible to your current clients as well.

Getting Started With 2021 Legal Holiday Marketing

Whether you’re a personal injury, criminal defense, estate planning, business law, or family law lawyer, your firm could benefit from creatively marketing with content and SEO.

Here are some ways you can boost your marketing strategy this holiday season by writing creative lawyer holiday blog topics.

Holiday Marketing for Personal Injury Lawyers 

injured man with Christmas treeIf you’re a personal injury lawyer, it’s a good idea to create content around the dangers that people face around the holidays. For instance, you could discuss some of the worst times to be on the road and the deadliest holidays for driving; Thanksgiving ranks no. 9, New Year’s Day is no. 12, and Christmas is no. 17. Drunk driving tends to be higher around the holidays, which directly relates to personal injury as well as negligence.

Another angle to talk about is how the stores are the busiest this time of year, and there is an increased chance of getting injured while shopping. This is because inventory might be on the floor and a customer could suffer from a slip and fall, for example. Additionally, the weather around the holidays tends to take a turn for the worse, so you could highlight how snow, rain, sleet, and ice could lead to more accidents on the road or when out and about running errands. Of course, it’s critical to highlight what people should do if they become injured in any situation.

Holiday Marketing for Criminal Defense Lawyers

Santa Claus mug shot

Criminal defense lawyers can market to their target audience around the holidays in a few different ways. Drunk driving tends to occur more during this season, especially during Thanksgiving and New Year’s, so you could create content around topics like what to do if you’re pulled over by a police officer while driving during the holidays. You could also produce content on how to stay out of trouble throughout the season, emphasizing the importance of finding a designated driver when drinking. It’s crucial to include statistics on drunk driving and DUIs to boost the legitimacy of the content.

Other areas of criminal defense law that could be applicable is content surrounding domestic violence, theft crimes, and drug crimes. Additionally, violent incidents sometimes happen on Black Friday, so criminal defense lawyers’ content can be focused on assault as well. The holidays are also when shoplifting increases, so making content on shoplifting and petty theft could be worthwhile.

Holiday Marketing for Estate Planning Lawyers

Many people will acquire assets during the holiday season. They could be gifted anything from a new diamond ring to a luxury vehicle. Estate planning lawyers can discuss the importance of protecting these assets in their clients’ estate planning documents, such as wills and trusts.

Another reality of 2021 is that hospitalizations and deaths due to Coronavirus is still a reality. Strategic messaging regarding this may influence how someone prepares their estate planning documents.

Since people are off from work and spending time with their families, they may be more likely to be thinking of their estate planning documents. If you’re an estate planning lawyer, you can create content on how marriage or divorce affects the estate planning process. For instance, a client will need to add their new spouse to their will or trust and make them a beneficiary designation, and if this is a second marriage, they’ll need to take their former spouse off any documents.

The holidays can also lead to conflicts among family members, which means that someone could be taken off some of the estate planning documents. You could discuss how to go about updating your documents around the holidays with the help of a lawyer.

Holiday Marketing for Business Lawyers

santa's workshopDuring the holidays, people have more days off from work than usual. They may use this time to finally take their side hustle seriously and start a new business. Business law lawyers can create content on starting a business during the holiday season and what it would entail. For instance, they could talk about the different types of business structures an entrepreneur could choose from, how to go about finding funding for their startup, and the contracts they will need to get up and running.

Another idea is to highlight the tax benefits to take advantage of as the year comes to a close. You could also talk about legal business concerns that a holiday business owner might have. For example, a business owner might be facing issues with their vendor, who missed the deadline for shipping goods to them. Now, they have to deal with angry customers and a loss in sales during the incredibly busy holiday season because of this. You could discuss the best course of action to take, how to enforce a contract to get the money back, and possibly bringing legal action against the vendor for the loss.

Holiday Marketing for Family Law Attorneys

family law listThe holidays provide ample opportunities for family lawyers, since this time of year is focused on the family. In terms of child custody content, it’s a good idea to review custody laws in your state for your clients, especially when it comes to the holidays. For instance, you could talk about the importance of creating a holiday visitation schedule as much in advance as possible and how critical it is to actually stick to the schedule. It’s important to include information on the laws regarding child custody and taking your child out of the state or out of the country.

Another topic you could write about is preparing for divorce in 2022. Are there any unique factors like federal (CARES Act) unemployment ending, eviction moratoriums ending, tax returns or other timely factors that could pique the interest of someone who’s decided to file for divorce after the holidays?

You could also create content for divorced parents who are navigating the holidays for the first time and include tips. For instance, the parents should talk to each other and make sure they’re not getting their child the same gifts or taking them to the same holiday experiences to ensure that the season is as special and memorable for the child as possible.

In terms of divorce, the holidays can be a tricky time – especially for new divorcees. Content could revolve around going through the holidays as a single person and how to ensure you still have an enjoyable time, along with how to afford presents for loved ones when you’re living on one income.

Types of Content You Can Create on Your Own

Every kind of lawyer has a number of different options for their marketing campaigns, including the following:

  • Blogs
  • Videos
  • Postcards
  • Email campaigns
  • Social media ads
  • Events

The type of marketing you choose to pursue is going to depend on your target audience and your goal for a campaign. For instance, if you’re doing estate planning, you’re likely marketing to an older crowd who might have significant assets to protect and might want a bit more detail on some common scenarios.

Once you do your research and figure out the best platforms to use to reach your audience, then you can employ some of the following strategies during the holiday season in particular.

Send Thank You Notes to Your Clients

The holidays are a time to be thankful, so express your gratitude to your clients through an email campaign or even personalized holiday cards. You could send a small gift to each of your clients to really stand out. This small gift, like a stocking, mug, or T-shirt, could include your law firm’s logo on it. Your clients will remember you and be more likely to refer to you to a loved one who needs representation.

Get Involved in the Community

A good way to market your law firm, as well as give back during the holidays, is to get involved during the holiday season. This could range anywhere from volunteering at a soup kitchen to sponsoring the local high school team’s basketball game to running a toy drive for needy families. Make sure you take photographs and videos, and promote your involvement on your website and in your marketing materials. By donating your time, money, and energy to the community, you’re showing that you care and marketing yourself in a positive light at the same time.

Give Holiday Promotions and Discounts

Not many attorneys like the thought of discounting their services, but Martindale-Avvo reports7 in 10 consumers told us that they considered hiring a lawyer at some point during the course of their legal issue but didn’t go through with it because of the price tag.” Lawyers that do not operate on contingency could offer promotions on their services to new clients throughout the holidays. For instance, an estate planning lawyer could offer to create two wills for the price of one, a criminal defense lawyer who might normally charge for a consultation might offer free consultations through December. In the giving spirit of the season, you could also pledge to do one case pro bono, and advertise it as a giveaway on an email and social media campaign.

Now is the time to start thinking about your 2021 holiday marketing plan no matter what type of law you practice. By being prepared, you’ll be more likely to grow your customer base, – and your bottom line — throughout the 2021 holidays and beyond. Happy marketing!


If you have questions about other unique content ideas for the holidays, or direct ways to implement content marketing strategies, reach out to Everest Legal Marketing today! It’s what we do and we love helping attorneys navigate marketing trends and tools that are constantly changing.

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