4 Critical Reasons Your Law Firm’s Blog is Important

On your website “Practice Pages” you can only tell so much about your law firm without overwhelming your visitors. You don’t want these pages to be too text heavy, because visitors are likely skimming quickly to see if your practice is right for them and their needs. Instead of trying to cram all that important information into a practice page, you can start a law firm blog instead.

Law firm blogging entails choosing topics that are relevant to your website visitors and then writing about them, in hopes that they will convince these visitors to hire you for their next case. As an attorney, your blog helps fill the gap of detailed topics that your practice pages can’t. For instance, if you’re a criminal defense lawyer you likely have a practice page for DUI. However, your DUI practice page probably doesn’t address nuanced DUI subtopics, changes in laws and specific questions people tend to search. That’s where your blog can help.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why blogging as a law firm is so important, as well as some simple tips to get you started with your own attorney blog.

#1 – You Can Provide Value to Visitors

When people are searching online for legal content, they are likely in a vulnerable position and/or have a number of questions surrounding a certain legal topic. You can be there to provide the support they need when they are in this discovery stage.

By writing blogs that answer your audience’s questions, you are offering them valuable content they can use to go forward with their cases and determine whether or not they need to hire a lawyer. If you thoroughly answer the questions and prove your knowledge to your visitors, they just may hire you for their next case.

#2 – You Can Bring in More Traffic

According to Codeless, there are many advantages to starting a blog for your law firm. Sixty percent of consumers will feel engaged with a brand, as well as feel positive feelings about a brand, after reading their blog. In addition, marketers who put blogging at the front and center of their efforts are 13 times more likely to experience a positive return on investment. If you really amp up your law firm blogging strategy and publish 4+ posts every month, you could receive at least double the traffic than firms that publish 1 or 2 posts sporadically.

High quality content is one of the contributing factors to your Google ranking. If you write an amazing post that clearly answers a searcher’s question, you have the chance of ranking on page 1 and bringing in more leads to your website. This is an organic inbound marketing tactic that marketers are focusing on, because according to Codeless, businesses with blogs generate 67% more leads per month than those without blogs. Isn’t that worth the time and effort?

#3 – You Can Demonstrate Your Expertise

When visitors go to your website, they may not be convinced that you are the lawyer they want to hire. Saying you’re great at your job isn’t enough – you have to prove it. By producing high quality blog content, you can do just that.

Demonstrate your expertise by thoroughly answering your visitor’s questions. Illustrate that you know exactly what you are talking about, and show that you have experience in your field. By proving that you are an authority on certain legal matters, you’re cultivating trust with your audience and convincing them that you are indeed the right person for the job.

#4 – You Can Earn Backlinks

Backlink building is crucial for your search engine optimization strategy. Google will trust your site more, and rank it higher, if you have other credible websites linking to your page. You can increase your chances of garnering these coveted backlinks by putting out valuable content on your blog. This is sometimes called “link bait” or creating a “linkable asset”. You can write blog posts that are highly informational and promote them on your social media sites, and/or reach out to credible sites for possible backlinking opportunities. Remember: The higher you rank on Google, the more likely visitors are to see your site and possibly end up hiring you. In 2017 Search Engine Journal estimated that the first organic search result on Google receives 32.5% of clicks, so it should always be your goal to snag that spot or at least rank as high as possible.

Using Social Media to Distribute Your Law Firm’s Blogs

Once you’ve accumulated an inventory of articles on your blog, you can now share these on your social media channels to be viewed and shared by your followers. We’ve found that the most effective social media channels for attorneys are currently Facebook and LinkedIn. Although this will likely change some day, Facebook helps communicate with your consumer-based audience and people connected to you, and LinkedIn helps communicate to your professional connections and legal network. Each serves a different purpose but both help keep you at the top of people’s mind when they need to make a referral or hire you for a case. Additionally, if something comes up in the news you may now have a blog to share that is relevant to current events.

Conclusion – Your Blog is a Direct Line to New Leads

After reading the article above, it should be apparent why blogging for your law firm is critically important. If not you can think of it this way – blogging is like making an investment with the goal of a future return. You can make that investment with your personal time, or money through hiring a content writer. Blog content can answer questions, provide information, and showcase your knowledge and experience. Additionally, content leads to backlinks, backlinks lead to authority, and authority leads to rankings & visibility.

Getting Started with Blog Writing for Lawyers

Now that you know the value of law firm blogging, you can begin writing posts that are going to attract your audience and generate more business for you. You can create the content in house or hire legal blog writers to do it for you. The latter will likely be the better option, since writing is their profession and they know all the best writing, marketing and SEO practices to follow to ensure your blog succeeds. Having worked with a number of legal writers, Everest Legal Marketing works with tried and true legal content writers who create compelling, original content for our clients as part of their overall law firm SEO strategy.

The number one thing to keep in mind is that you’re creating these blog posts to serve your audience. Any benefits that spring from that goal are going to be the icing on the cake. By putting your audience first, you’re going to create higher quality content, and have much more of a chance of capturing their business.

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Doug Bradley
Doug Bradley
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