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Washington Law Firm Search Engine Optimization & Website Design

At Everest Legal Marketing, our mission centers on helping lawyers across Washington to gain more clients via powerful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques. We are dedicated to going beyond the norm by deploying every available tool and resource to help your law firm achieve tangible and long-lasting results.

We create a custom strategy for every client that is uniquely suited to their individual needs, leveraging our vast experience from working with myriad law firm websites. Our expertise lies in crafting customized website design and SEO initiatives for lawyers, inline with their distinct goals. We operationalize our strategies to generate quantifiable results.

Helping Lawyers with SEO in Vancouver, Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma and Throughout Washington

Given our experience working with attorneys, we understand the complexities and challenges of competing in law firm SEO in Seattle, Vancouver, Spokane, Tacoma and throughout the state of Washington. Our team has the necessary in-depth knowledge of how to secure a law firm’s position on Google’s first page for highly competitive search terms, and turn visitors into clients.

Scott EdwardsDoug and his team have exceeded our expectations in just about every way possible. From our first conversation with Doug, it was clear he was a cut above the rest – above the prior marketing firms with whom we’d worked over the years. He not only answered our questions and explained the rationale behind his answers, but he did so in a way that showed us and allowed us to understand.

Just like how we must prove to a jury, he proved to us with evidence and data that what they were doing was going to work. And it did. As a result, we have asked them to shoulder more and more of the marketing burden. They’ve done so in stride and we trust them to listen to our needs (which are more unique than many other firms), and then to meet those needs. It’s a beautiful thing when a service provider actually listens.

Everest Legal Marketing has provided a light in an otherwise dark area of our practice where none of us attorneys really liked to venture–it was too confusing and overwhelming. Now, we look forward to a long and continued relationship–professional and personal as he really is a stand up guy who has surrounded himself with a dynamic and powerful team.

Keep up the good work and thanks for all you do!
Scott Edwards – Schauermann Thayer (Vancouver, WA)

Everest Legal Marketing EXCLUSIVELY Works With Attorneys and Specializes in Search Engine Optimization

Our concentration is purely on delivering SEO services customized for the legal sector, acknowledging the expertise and attention necessary to maintain an attorney’s website’s competitive edge in a state like Washington.

Our crew comprises SEO experts who deeply comprehend the intricate dynamics and intense competition that attorneys in Washington encounter. Staying ahead in law firm marketing and SEO necessitates a marketing agency with practical experience, concrete law firm SEO case studies, and genuine client testimonials.

A Robust SEO Approach is the Key to Success

At the outset of your project, we commence by carrying out a thorough analysis of your website to pinpoint any technical issues that could impede your search engine visibility. We understand the vital importance of a swift-loading website with precise internal links, an optimized URL structure, and an ideal User-experience. Our team will fine-tune your website’s meta tags and descriptions, resolve any broken external links, and improve your website’s overall speed. Furthermore, should you need a new website or a redesign, our expertise is at your service.

After rectifying any technical issues, we’ll join forces with you to identify the keywords and topics your target audience is exploring. Based on our investigation, we’ll devise a 100% unique and innovative content strategy which may entail creating blog posts, practice pages, off-page authority building, and amplifying existing pages on your website.

At Everest Legal Marketing, our enthusiasm is channeled towards establishing premium backlinks to your website through strategic link building and collaborations with reliable partners. Our team will perpetually scrutinize and modify our tactics to boost your search engine rankings, which, sequentially, will direct more high-quality traffic to your website.

Contact Everest Legal Marketing

Whether you are a law firm in Seattle, Vancouver or Tacoma our law firm Search Engine Optimization service will be effective for you throughout Washington. You can call Everest Legal Marketing at (909) 697-7484, or submit a contact form and we will contact you ASAP.

Washington Legal Associations

Below, we’ve organized and linked to some prominent legal associations in Washington state.

  • Washington State Bar Association: WSBA
  • Washington Law Help – Legal Aid: WashingtonLawHelp.Org
  • Washington Women Lawyers: WWL
  • Washington State Association for Justice: WSAJ

*If you represent a legal organization in Washington and would like us to link to your website, please send us a contact form.

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We offer website optimization services that helps position your firm for success online. We increase your local & organic search rankings drastically in order to compete for the highest rankings — even when it comes to highly competitive keywords and key terms.

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