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How to Optimize YouTube Videos for Google Results

If you’re looking to gain some visibility on Google and your website isn’t ranking yet, there is a great way to optimize a YouTube video for Google search results.

First you have to have some decent quality video. I’ll use mine as an example from a video I shot while at a car racing event. If you Google “Mustang vs BMW M3 Dinan” This is simply the target search term I used as the title of this video as I thought it might be a popular search that people who owned Mustangs or BMW M3’s would do. You should see something similar to the following screenshot:

The screenshot below illustrates how you should design the Title & Description. In general Google recognizes & indexes the first 66 characters of the video title, (just like a website). The description should support the video title by containing the targeted terms of the title within the content in natural descriptive language. This helps YouTube and Google “tie the knot” on what your video is relevant for.

I hope this shows how easy it can be to get some visibility on Google by leveraging YouTube, and just for fun I’ve included the video below.