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How Google Trends Can Help Steer Your SEO Strategy

If you’re looking to get the most out of your SEO strategy, a good place to start is to find out how people search and what words they use. Google Trends is a great free tool that allows you to type in words and compare the search volume. For instance, if you were a florist, would you want to know if people search most using the words “florist” or “flowers”? If you knew that, your website content could be properly positioned for visibility using the best possible search terms. You can repeat the process shown in the screenshot below: 1) Go to Google Trends 2) Type “lawyer” into the trends search bar, 3) After seeing the results click “add term” and type “attorney” then “law firm”. (Scroll down for interpretation notes).

Given the trend, if you were a law firm you might think it would be a good idea to pay most attention to integrating “attorney” into your website titles & content because you’d probably garner the most visibility for that term, and in-turn traffic. However, you can see the gap narrowing over time so you’d have to make sure your site was relevant for both terms in this scenario. Although Google understands synonyms, (like attorney and lawyer), it’s always best practice to integrate both words into your copy writing with the right density. Too much and it looks & reads “spammy”, too little and search engines will deliver “more relevant”results to users. Google Trends is only 1 tool of many available to help strategize and diagnose for proper search engine optimization.