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How a Blog Can Help Get You Rankings on Google.

Today an Inland Empire business owner asked me how a blog can help gain visibility on Google for their business. This is a fair question, given that most business owners don’t have time to sit down and write articles on a regular basis. I’ve attached an example of how I leverage my Inland Empire Lawyers blog to help my clients get visibility. On the first image below you’ll see a screenshot of my targeted search term “Inland Empire public charter school lawyer” before I posted my blog:

Below you’ll see the same search about 2-minutes after I posted the blog. You can do the search yourself on Google now if you’d like to… It will stay there until more authoritative content replaces it.


Now, I have to disclose that I’ve been writing on that blog for 2 years and I’ve been optimizing it like crazy. However, the visibility of that blog is the benefit of all my hard work. I’ve written credible information, built high authority back-links, guest blogged on other websites… and Google now recognizes it as authoritative and worthy of a high ranking. So the lesson here is that it does not happen over night, and it takes a lot of effort on your part, (or the part of your Inland Empire SEO Manager). Think of a blog as a long-term investment in your marketing, the benefits of it are hard to calculate at first, but if done the RIGHT way you’ll eventually reap the reward. If you’d like to learn more about my legal blog, take a look at my Law Firm Marketing page.