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One of the most important items that lawyers don’t even realize they need to keep organized is a log sheet with access to their digital assets. These are the logins to critical business profiles that help promote the law firm online. Over the hundreds of law firms that we’ve worked with, only a small handful actually had their login credentials stored in a central location that they could easily access.

In this article I’ll explain why keeping your access organized is critical for your law firm, SEO effort and keeping you ready for future updates and you can have the template we use for clients for free!

Access Template here (Google Sheet). Feel free to use as-is, convert to Excel and share with whomever.

Why Do You Need Easy Access to Your Business Profiles?

As a lawyer, you have access to numerous website platforms that can help promote your law firm (Avvo, Martindale, Yelp, Justia, etc). Here are some reasons you want to keep access to these at your fingertips:

  1. Consistent online business profiles are an important ranking factor for local visibility (SEO folks call this “NAP” – Name, Address, Phone number). In a nutshell it’s ideal to make sure your business listings are consistent across all, or at least most, platforms.
  2. If you move, change your phone number or firm name you need to have access to update your online brand quickly.
  3. If you ever hire an SEO firm or marketing agency they will need access to your profiles to make adjustments.

Having a quick & easy spreadsheet of all your logins makes any of these processes infinitely easier, especially if you’re having an assistant or agency update business profiles for you.

Make Sure You Trust Whomever You Grant Access

The person who has access to your online profiles has the keys to your digital kingdom, make sure you trust them and their abilities. If your relationship sours it wouldn’t take much to ruin your online visibility by editing or deleting all the work that’s been done and the years it took to establish your visibility.

Keep The File Updated

Having the file is a great start, but it’s critical that you also update the sheet as you go. Over several months or years as websites require you to reset your password, it’s easy to forget to update your spreadsheet, but the obvious problem is that the password is only as good as the day it was established.

About The Author

Doug Bradley
I work with law firms to increase their presence on search engines through website optimization. Marketing a law firm hasn’t been “like it used to be” for a while now and the only guarantee is that it will continue to change. Learn more about my experience here.
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