How to Maximize the Benefit of a Google Post

If you’re a lawyer or handle marketing for a law firm, you may not even know that Google allows you to post updates to your Google Local (My Business) listing, link to a page on your website and display it on your listing through a “Google Post“. However, this article will inform you of how […]

Car Accident Lawyer Google Map Spam

There’s a new & improved form of Google Map spam that’s targeting car accident lawyers nationwide. Since February 2019, we’ve noticed a drastic increase in the volume of Google Map “Places” that are blatant spam for direct keyphrase matches targeting car accident searches throughout numerous US cities. If you’ve noticed it too, there’s something you […]

Exposing Attorney Lead Spam, Scammers & Trolls

As an attorney, you get bombarded with Emails all day every day. Some are legitimate and some are obvious spam, but there’s a third category that’s been a pervasive problem for a long time. I call it “Lead Spam” and it can cost you time, and potentially a lot of money. What is Lead Spam? […]

Attorney Directory Visibility Analysis

Updated April, 2020 For the 3rd year, Everest Legal Marketing has compiled data regarding the rankings and visibility of the best legal directories. The legal advertising industry is always quickly changing, and if you're not on top of who's doing what, you may find yourself spending tens of thousands of dollars a year on attorney [...]
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