How Google EAT Applies to Law Firms

*Updated January 14, 2021 As a lawyer, your website falls into what is known as YMYL – Your Money or Your Life. That’s not a threat, that’s what Google categorizes as a website of extreme importance to a person’s well-being. Google classifies the credibility of your website based on an element of their algorithm that’s […]

Yelp Negative Keyword Targeting – Don’t Burn Your Budget

If you’re a lawyer who’s running a Yelp advertising campaign, you need to stop what you’re doing and read this article. There’s a new option that allows “negative keyword targeting” – the ability to choose what words you don’t want to spend money on. You may think that doesn’t sound groundbreaking, but you’d be wrong. […]

How to Maximize the Benefit of a Google Post

If you’re a lawyer or handle marketing for a law firm, you may not even know that Google allows you to post updates to your Google Local (My Business) listing, link to a page on your website and display it on your listing through a “Google Post“. However, this article will inform you of how […]

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